Some of our great pieces of equipment that help our clients achieve goals …

Lokomat- Robotic Gait Training

The Lokomat Walking Therapy  is part of our recovery program here at SCI-FIT Pleasanton and Sacramento. We are one of the only centers in the San Francisco Bay Area that has Lokomat training available to the general public.

The Lokomat is a robotic machine built to provide intensive gait training for anyone with limited or impaired gait, such as adults who have suffered stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis or other neurological disorders which can impair gait. The patient is suspended in a harness while the robotic legs are sized and strapped onto the patient. With use of the harness, the patient can be working in any degree of weight-bearing, from fully suspended “air-walking” to full weight bearing.

You can choose to engage in Lokomoat training individually, or in addition to working one-on-one with our Neuro Exercise Therapists. To determine if you are a good candidate for Lokomat Training, clients can schedule a free one-hour evaluation to be measured and try the machine. Lokomat sessions can be purchased per hour, or in bundled packages.  New clients please fill out our online application or call us directly at (925) 846-1848.

Rogue Rig

roguePlaced in the middle of our Pleasanton center is a Rogue Rig, equipped with pull up bars, Olympic weight lifting bars, bumper plates, the matador, landmine, rings..all the accessories to go with it.  Our trainers have come up with so many creative ways to use this rig to give our clients an amazing workout.

Click below to see examples of how we are using the rig…

Example 1

Example 2

Robomedica-Gait Training (Pleasanton, CA)


The Robomedica combines state of the art computer robotics and an innovative design proving to be a groundbreaking for those with neurological disorders.  Decades of research at UCLA pioneered by Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Harkema has shown significant results in spinal relearning with the use of body weight support locomotor training.  This type of training provides retraining of stepping after neurological injuries, improved circulation, decreased incidence of soft tissue injuries, improved posture and an increased cardiovascular workout. The Robomedica electronically controlled pneumatic body weight support system allows modulation of the ground reaction forces and permits more normal center of mass movement during body weight supported stepping.  We have gone through the Robomedica, Inc. training program and we are ready to get you walking.  Contact to SCI-FIT today get scheduled on the Robomedica (925) 846-1848.  New clients please fill out our online application.

Concept2 Skierg – Sacramento, CA

SkiErgConcept2 Skierg is in our Sacramento location.  This piece of equipment is known to give one of the toughest workouts around.  It is a Nordic skiing system that develops both strength and endurance focusing on arms and core.

Watch Lane (C-4) in action…

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RT300-Electrical Stimulation Cycles for legs and arms

AnaissThis bike delivers tailored functional eletrical stimulation to your arms, legs and core muscle groups.  The RT300 allows you to maintain an ongoing level of moderate or strenuous activity, sufficient to help protect your general health.  It provides automatic therapy progression, interval based therapies and spasm management. We have 3 bikes at our Pleasanton location and 2 bikes in our Sacramento location.  These bikes are free to use by all clients after or before their sessions.


Taking Amazing Steps…


Alanna has been a client at SCIFIT since almost opening.  Her nine years of dedication and very hard work has paid off tremendously for her.  In the last year she has graduated from the University of San Francisco, took on a great career as an event coordinator in San Francisco and was able to hold her legs in a locked position without assistance.  Alanna is a pure example of our motto…”THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS, ONLY POSSIBILITIES!”

Pleasanton Client Spotlight Trevor (TBI).

Sacramento Client Spotlight Terez T.

SCI-FIT Medical Advisory Board

We are putting together a team of amazing doctors and physical therapists to support our staff and clients at SCI-FIT.


Dr. Stone

Dr. Lance Stone (head of SCI-FIT medical advisory board)

Dr. Lance Stone is the Chairman of Rehabilitation Medicine at Alameda Health Systems, an integrated public healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following his PM&R residency at the University of Colorado and Craig Hospital in Denver, Dr. Stone completed a neuro-rehabilitation fellowship under the guidance of Robert Waters, MD and Jacqueline Perry, MD at the renowned USC/Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center near Los Angeles. Dr. Stone has held academic positions within neurology programs at USC and UCSD, and orthopaedic appointments at UCSD. These experiences have enabled Dr. Stone to publish in the field of ‘restorative neuro-rehabilitation’. In collaboration with V.S. Ramachandran, MD , Dr. Stone co-authored a seminal work in Lancet on the use of ‘mirror’ therapy as a successful treatment for upper-limb motor recovery following stroke. Dr. Stone’s current interests focus on the application of tDCS neuromodulation following neurologic disorders. Recently, he co-directed the first West Coast tDCS symposium devoted to neurocognitive disorders. Dr. Stone believes robotic therapies, individually and in combination with tDCS, offer an opportunity to re-establish innate supra-spinal pathways, which may lead to improved motor recovery following spinal cord injury (SCI) and stroke.  Dr. Stone advocates for innovative rehabilitation technologies that he feels must ultimately become available to those in need during all stages of their recovery following a stroke or SCI. Dr. Stone informs research based practices and cutting edge technology at The SCI-FIT Center an adaptive exercise based therapy center serving individuals from across the region with neurologic disabilities in order to optimize their recovery and to create a lifelong plan for their health and wellness.

Anne Jacobs

Anne Burleigh Jacobs, PT, PhD

Dr. Anne Burleigh Jacobs earned her physical therapy degree from the University of Colorado and a doctorate in Neuroscience and Physiology from the Oregon Health Sciences University.  For the past 25 years she has focused on the role of sensory and motor interactions for recovery of standing balance, ambulation and reaching movements post neurological injury.  Dr. Jacobs specializes in post-stroke recovery through her private practice.  She also provides research consultation to technology companies and teaches neuroscience and movement science courses in a variety of forums.  She has lectured nationally and internationally on neuroscience recovery of sensory-motor function and motor learning.  Dr. Jacobs has had over 12 publications including her book,  Highs, Lows, and Plateaus (A path to recovery from Stroke).


Dan N

STROKE Rehabilitation

SCI-FIT is not just a recovery center for those with spinal cord injuries. We work with a large array of neurological disorders. Stroke survivors are our second largest group of clients. It has been proven time and time again through decades of research that exercise is an incredibly important factor in stroke recovery. We will create a program to meet your needs here at SCI-FIT. We work on walking, core strength and balancing, range of motion and more.  We have the most advanced technology to help you meet your goals. Our staff are all trained to work with stroke clients. Our success rate has been incredible here at SCI-FIT. We have three centers to choose from Pleasanton, Sacramento and Berkeley. Call (925) 846-1848 from more information.